Trail Smart is a completely Online Course

Learners doing the Trail Smart course register with our online campus and then have access to the extensive online content.

Immediately after paying you will receive an email with login instructions. This gives details of how to enroll on the campus.


Really need to know

Each topic is provided in two formats, the “What I need to know before I go” section which is at a basic level and can be completed in under 2-3 minutes.

The AdvancedAdvanced section which covers each topic in-depth and could take considerably longer to complete.

Each of the levels has a 5-10 question quiz which is completed. Advanced users do not need to do the basic level quizzes as 5 of the questions are the same.Quiz

You do not need to do the quiz if you do not want to to move onto the next section, but must do so if you want a certificate at the end of the course.

Throughout your course, you have a quick comment tool on eachComment page to send queries or questions to us. We will reply as soon as we get these.

Understandably this is theory only – you still need to go out there and put this theory into practice.


  1. Register and Pay online
  2. Follow the instructions given by email to enroll on the course
  3. Get going and enjoy the course.

There are some images of a small section of topics from the course. These screenshots are of hard copy versions of the material, but it is exactly the same content online.

If you find there are topics you want to know about that are not covered, please contact us and we will update the course for you.