Trail-Smart is ‘The’ International on-line training course for Ramblers, Hikers, Bush walkers, Trekkers and anyone else walking in the outdoors.


Due to us changing online course hosts, Trail-Smart will be unavailable for about 2 months as we re-build the course. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Developed from 20+ years of teaching mountain walking guides, backpacking clubs and personal hiking/trekking. This course is a ‘fast-track’ to the skills and knowledge normally gained over a lifetime.

You will learn to be self-confident when out walking, prepared for what you may find and experience on the trail. Never feeling out of your depth, and be able to interact with other walkers from a basis of good solid knowledge and skills.

This course is designed to prepare all Trekkers, Hikers, Bush walkers, Trampers, Scouts, Guides, Ramblers Mountaineers and other outdoor travelers for the trips they’re embarking (both guided and self-led) on by providing information and knowledge about a host of subjects which will make the trip more enjoyable. Knowledge and preparation equals confidence in yourself and more enjoyment on the trail.Thought Box 1


Everyone venturing into the remote outdoors should take responsibility for their own enjoyment and safety. It’s not onerous, and can make you a far more confident Trekker or Hiker.Thought Box 2

The internet is a fantastic resource of information, but unfortunately not all of it is accurate, current or even the truth. Yes you could look up all this information, but would you know for sure the information is correct, and if you did not already know about the subject, how would you know you need to know it. (Unconscious Incompetence). We will take you by the hand (or mouse) and lead you through a structured training course ensuring you know all you need to know.

We have been providing training and assessment for professional guides for 12 years, and are now offering sections of this training to the general public. The content has been developed based on internationally bench-marked standards, and written or reviewed by professional mountain guides and mountaineering instructors, so you can be sure the content is correct.

As this course is offered at various levels it is suited to:

  • People heading out on a commercial Trekking / Hiking Trip
  • Hikers, Trekkers, Ramblers etc who wish to learn more about the activity to improve their own safety.
  • Voluntary Trekking and Hiking leaders
  • Adventure racers wanting to know more about the environment they venture into
  • Hiking and Trekking Guides who are serious about providing the best service they can
  • Scouts & Guides wanting to learn these skills for their outdoor trips
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award participants wanting to gain some extra knowledge.
  • Hiking and Trekking Guides who are working towards gaining a  Formal qualification.

Each topic has a quiz attached to it – and people doing the course, if they desire, can complete the quizzes at the level they wish, obtaining a completion certificate at the end. Maybe you don’t need a certificate, but there are some people who do, so the option is there if you desire one.